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Adriaan is one of the special tattoo artists from the first German wave of neo traditional artists. The amazing style inspired by art noveau and mysticism that started in Germany and spread to the world becoming one of the most popular styles in tattooing.

Adriaan studied anthropology in university but his curiosity and passion for knowledge led him to travel the world in search for answers, he based in berlin to open his tattoo studio and art gallery in the artistic neighborhood of friedrichshain.

His love for spirituality and tattooing can be seen in his art in a very distinctive way as his tattoos had been awarded and recognized in different conventions around the world like London, Barcelona, Berlin, Moscow, Helsinki, Brighton, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Hamburg, Brussels, Krakaw, Prague, Budapest and many others.

When not tattooing Adriaan teaches and works as a certified yoga teacher. His passion for healing techniques had led him to travel to India, Nepal, Bali and the Himalayas to keep his self discovery journey.

He is now residing and tattooing between Germany, Netherlands & Spain.

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